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How can effects be managed in a functional way? Let’s look at monad transformers, tagless final, effect rotation and see if more flexible design can be achieved with these techniques.

Francis Toth

Effectful Functional


Explore how using java agents’ instrumentation makes it possible for you to monitor your Akka-based application in depth.

Chris Andre

Visualize Your AKKA
Execution Path


Walk through setting up a production- grade Kubernetes cluster in GCP. Build a Docker image for the Orkestra CI/CD framework.  Deploy the container to the cluster.  And start developing a happy-path with functional devops in Scala. 

Neil Derraugh

From Zero to Functional Devops
with Kubernetes


Join us and explore how we can make our api gateways reactive with gRPC and HTTP2.

Martin Allaire

Make Gateway Services
More Reactive


What happens when an AKKA cluster breaks? What do we need to be aware of and how can we ensure it's fixed correctly? Enjoy this physical fun-filled demonstration of failure. 

Kikia Carter

Raspberry Pi AKKA Cluster


A look at the migration from DC/OS to Kubernetes, which is especially difficult when Kafka, HDFS, and Cassandra are involved.

Tri Nguyen

Lightning Round 1:
DC/OS to Kubernetes


Whirlwind of changes made in 2.13, including an in-depth explanation of how Scala's immutable HashMaps/HashSets work, and how we can improve their performance using mutation and other sneaky tricks. 

Josh Lemer

Lightning Round 2:
What's new in Scala 2.13


The wysiwyg streaming console that unifies tech stacks to create functional streaming applications.

Reid Spencer

Lightning Round 3:
Lightbend Pipelines


Lightbend VP of Services, Mike Kelland hosts a panel made up of luminary engineers from YoppWorks and Lightbend to discuss how customers have successfully addressed the challenges in taking their teams, culture and technologies from the safe and comfortable world of app servers to the wild west of distributed systems.  

Kikia Carter, Mike Kelland, Zacharias J. Beckman, Jonny Catlett, and James Townley

Lightbend Panel: From Monolith to

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